Saturday, April 08, 2006

Easter Yegg

"Frohe Ostern", Michael Sowa

Art imitates life in Felton as a monster bunny goes on a vegetable-devouring rampage:

At the Northumberland Arms, hunched villagers whisper of the giant, ravenous rabbit prowling the community at night. No one, it seems, can catch it, and no home-grown vegetable is safe.

The creature leaves behind huge footprints, has diabolically shaped ears and is proving the biggest threat to cabbages in the history of the local allotment. So strong that it is able to pull leeks and turnips fully out of the soil, the black-and-brown rabbit has already demolished a market stall’s worth of Japanese onions, parsnips and spring carrots.

And here's the lop-eared maniac:

This sounds so familiar... Like something I might have seen in the theater recently. Hmm, now what was it...?

Happy Giant Rampaging Lagomorph Day!