Saturday, December 16, 2006

Happy Xmas!

A few of my favorite Christmas posts from MetaFilter:

Everyone loves a lil' pooper in the creche. The story of the Caganer.

Also from our Catalan friends, the "cagar el tió", or Shit Log. Beat your wood till the herring spills out!

David Sedaris on Christmas in Holland, where the good tots can expect gifties from the former Bishop of Turkey, and the bad ones can expect a brutal visit from 6 to 8 black men and Sinterklaas. (PDF)

More on that..."Zwarte Pieten"

And what's Christmas without that lil' devil Krampus?

And then there's the eternal question faced by parents of gullible small fry: Santa or no Santa?

And my favorite Christmas card ever, courtesy of jonson:

And a Happy Holiday to you all!


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